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2001 Volkswagen TDI intake clogged

I heard that this problem is due to the tuning of the EGR/CCV system on the car.  The photos show the extent of the damage.
The car has been gradually losing power at top end on the expressway.  The diesel is not a powerhouse, but it has been unable to maintain speed on a couple hills during my commute. 
Has anyone had any success getting Volkswagen to cover this under the 100k mile drivetrain warrantee?  This CANT be considered "normal" operation.  Any amount of this trash breaking free in the intake has got to cause trouble for the turbo and exhaust system.
I cleaned the parts so far with a shop vac and spoons.  I guess the intake and turbo need to come off for cleaning too.  I’m capable of doing that level of repair, but was curious if anyone went to VW to get it done.
You can see in the photos that there is about 50% blockage in the intake system.  The rubber hose attached here has no buildup.  I don’t know about the intercooler.  Anyone have experience with that?
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